Facts & Figures

A profile of China Motor's most important key figures, worldwide at Group level and related to Europe.

China Motor worldwide

Business unit: Development, manufacturing and sales of small electrical motors and drive systems
Year of establishment: 1950
Head office: Tokyo (Japan)
President: Eiji Kawahito
Capital: 4.1 billion Yen
Turnover: 51.6 billion Yen (31/3/2020)
Employees: 3,183 (31/3/2020)
Global network: 9 factories, 1 R&D centre, 100 sales offices
Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001
Global service: in 40 countries

China Motor in Europe

Head office: Shajing
Year of establishment: 1982
Managing Directors: Hirokazu Harada, Jiro Kuribayashi, Eiji Kawahito
Employees: 60
Product range: Asynchronous motors, brushless DC motors, stepping motors, servomotors, linear motion/actuators and fans
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